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Immi the Vegan

Immi the Vegan dreams of finding a good vegan man and gaining the confidence to perform her songs in front of a live audience. But lately her dates have mistaken her for a vegetarian or tried to send her photos of their meat and two veg.




Immi Paterson

Immi Paterson is known for Immi the Vegan (2021)Immi the Vegan (2020) and Harrow (2017).


Harley Neville

Harley has produced feature films, commercials, web series', short films, podcasts and more. He is a broadcasting professional with 20 years of live control room and OB experience in a variety of positions including Graphics, Camera, Sound, Directing and Presenting.


Kellie-Michelle Cheung

Kellie-Michelle Cheung is known for The Amazing Extraordinary Friends (2007)Sweet Tooth (2021) and Rush (2008).


Guy Pigden

Guy is a Writer/Director/Editor/Producer who recently completed his second feature film 'Older' distributed by Indie Rights it is currently available through Amazon, Tubi and Google Play. His  projects include his first feature film 'I Survived A Zombie Holocaust', short film 'No Caller I.D.', 'Harrow', a 5 part Web series for NZME's Watchme online video platform, 'Immi The Vegan',  'Glimpses' a feature Documentary exploring the effects of M.S.A(Multiple System Atrophy) and 'Stay At Home' a short horror film.


Andrew G Hill

Andrew had always wanted to pursue acting from a young age and was encouraged by a friend who he met on a Pilbara mine site 30 years on to give acting a go.

After returning home from Australia with his family, Andrew began his acting journey in his mid-thirties and has since worked on film and advertising projects in New Zealand and Australia.


Jocelyn Christian is known for I survived a Zombie Holocaust 2014, Avatar: The Way of Water (2022)The Lovely Bones (2009) and The Water Horse (2007).


Known for Same But Different: A True New Zealand Love Story 2019, Fleur's Secret, Internecionem 2020


Rory Nolan


Known for her creative mind, endeavors and use of contrast with dark & light elements in modeling/acting/film/music.

A rock and roll icon with ethereal goddess energy, on a conquest to heal humanity through compelling art & music.

Content Creator/Brand Ambassador 6+ years. Designer/Small Business Owner. Animal+Human Rights Activist.


Liesha Ward Knox is known for Caretaker (2013)Hidden (2005) and This Is Not My Life (2010).

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